Is the Password field … dead?

Password field? You know, the HTML form field that is on almost all the login/signup web forms where you enter your password but you only see some stars instead of characters. … dead? Well, yes. I mean, does it still serve its purpose? The purpose of hiding what you type from … err … hmmm […]

Internal SEO (II)

… continued This is part II of Internal SEO (I) Internal SEO focuses on the following areas of a website / webpage: Accessibility With the robots.txt file you can prevent the robots from indexing specific files or whole directories. However, the name of the game now is: “find and crawl my page”. So, your web […]

Internal SEO (I)

Purpose The purpose of internal SEO is to optimize your web pages for ranking well in organic SERP. However without performing additional external SEO, you should know that no matter how well you optimize your website internally, you will not rank in the first pages for highly competitive keywords. With internal SEO you will rank […]

Enable PHP GD2 library in Windows

Need PHP GD2 library enabled in Windows? Follow the steps: Open the php.ini file (usually found in the PHP installation directory), search for ;extension=php_gd2.dll and uncomment it (remove the “;”). Don’t close the php.ini file yet. Search for the directive “extension_dir”. Your extensions directory is usually /ext so if it says “./” then you need […]

Loosing PHP Session Variables

Loosing Session Variables (PHP $_SESSION) PHP $_SESSION is a PHP “super-global” that can store variables across multiple PHP pages/scripts making it a perfect choice for writing “members area” code for example. However, the topic of the post is not about what you can do with the PHP session, but what can you do when it […]

CSS tags – id vs. class

The `tags war` To class or not to class? This is the question … for this blog entry. Let’s try and find the answer with the help of an analogy to OOP. CSS and OOP? I reckon most of you already know what OOP stands for but for those who don’t, OOP stands for Object […]

The market for Smartphones vs. … lap-phones?

Smartphones Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you know what an iPhone or a BlackBerry is. Or at least you are familiar with the enhanced functionality of the latest models from some of the phone manufacturing companies in the market, the so called “smartphones”. Wikipedia defines the smartphone as […]

Web Development PM

Managing Web Dev Projects – The “Market” Requirements The beginning of every (web development) project consists of info/data gathering from the market/clients (aka “client’s specifications”). The more complete the data is, the less scope change requests we will encounter later on. So, what kind of info/data are we interested in? As there are a lot […]

Project Management – Type of Clients

Not all the clients are the same Each project is somehow unique and I reckon it’s safe to affirm that each client (the person benefiting from the project’s outcome) is also unique even if is the same person that did another 10 projects with your team. This “rule” applies to almost all the projects in […]

Factors Affecting the IMC Tools

What are the factors that affect the shifts in the weights of the various IMC tools? The continuously shifts on the emphasis placed on the various IMC tools are an attempt to increase efficiency and maximize the impact of the IMC campaign. There are a few factors that affect these shifts: Changes in technology. Technology […]